Workshop Title



Aesthetics and Politics

Ian Fraser & Lawrence Wilde

Animal Rights and Political Theory

Alasdair Cochrane & Robert Garner

Attributive and Substantive Responsibility

Ben Colburn

British Idealism

David Boucher

Consequentialism and Political Theory

Frej Klem Thomsen

Countering Terrorism: Privacy, Trust and Profiling

John Guelke & Katerina Hadjimatheou

Deliberative Democracy, Interests and Partisanship

Enrico Biale & Valeria Ottonelli

Dirty Hands, Moral Politics, and Political Moralism

Michael Neu


Christopher Nathan

Exploitation: Conceptual, Normative and Political Perspectives

Nicholas Vrousalis & Adina Preda

Formal Approaches to Political Theory

Zsuzsanna Chappell

Forward-looking Collective Responsibility

Felix C. Pinkert

Foucault and Habermas

Evangelia Sembou

Green Political Theory

Stijn Neuteleers


Adrian Blau & Dirk Brantl

Justice and the Market

Hugh Lazenby

Liberalism and the Family

Dean Redfearn & Rebecca Reilly-Cooper


Mark Cowling

Methods of Interpretation and the Politics of Hermeneutics

Jens Olesen

Normative Perspectives on Electoral Reform

Ian Carroll

Ontology and Politics

Paul Rekret & Simon Choat

Postcolonialism and Political Theory

Annelies Decat

Practice-dependence and Moral and Political Constructivism in Political Theory

Jeff Howard & Malte Ibsen

Procreation Politics: Rights and Duties of Bringing Children in the World

Anca Gheaus & Jurgen De Wispelaere

Risk and Uncertainty, Ethics and Prudence

Matthew Rendall & Dominic Roser

Rousseau and the Passions

Benjamin Thompson & Robin Douglass

The Politics of Value Pluralism

Matthew Jones