Convenors: Anca Gheaus & Jurgen De Wispelaere


Panel 1:

Patrick Tomlin, University of Oxford “Should Kids Pay their Own Way?”

Philip Cook, University of Leicester “Intimacy, Civility and the Value of the Family”

Per Engzell, Stockholm University “Social Reproduction and What to Make of It: Recent Empirical Research in Normative Perspective”


Panel 2:

Daniela Cutas, University of Gothenburg “Who is Responsible for Children?”

Simon Jenkins, University of Birmingham “Against the Right to Procreate”

Vida Panitch, Carleton University “In Vitro Fertilization and Reproductive Needs”


Panel 3:

Chris Belshaw, The Open University “Procreative Beneficence”

Yu-Ting Su, University of St. Andrews “Comparative Accounts of Harm and Procreative Choices”

Marcello Di Paola, LUISS University, Rome Gianfranco Pellegrino, Bentham Project, UCL “Reproducing Less to Produce the Best: A Proposal in Population Policy”