Convenors: Jeff Howard & Malte Ibsen

The idea that principles of justice should be reconstructed from existing social practices – and not treated as facts of reason, Platonic forms or divine commands – has a long and established pedigree in political theory, from G.W.F. Hegel to John Rawls. In recent years, the requirement that principles of justice be “practice-dependent” has received fresh attention from a young generation of political theorists, putting a methodological principle, along with the associated ideas of moral and political constructivism, at the top of the agenda of contemporary political theory. This workshop aims to explore all the different aspects of this view: the nature and justification of the methodological commitment, its different interpretations, normative implications, and historical origins and influence.
The workshop invites papers on all topics related to practice-dependence and/or moral and political constructivism in political theory. Paper titles and 200/300-word abstracts should be sent and