Convenor: Dr. Evangelia Sembou

There will be papers on the social and political thought of Foucault and/or Habermas, the Foucault/Habermas debate and the Habermas/Rawls debate.


1. Habermas

– Dr. Samantha Ashenden (Birkbeck, University of London, U.K.) – TBC

– Dr. James Gordon Finlayson (University of Sussex, U.K.), “Does Critical Theory need Normative Ethics on the Ground Floor?”

– Domenic Garcia (Newcastle University, U.K.), “Kant’s Respect for the Law and Habermas’s Redemption as a Source of Freedom”.

– Dr. Andrea Baumeister (University of Stirling, U.K.), “The Use of Public Reason by Religious and Secular Citizens: Habermas on the Role of Religion in the Public Sphere”.

2. Foucault

– Professor Mark Olssen (University of Surrey, U.K.), “Discourse, Complecity, Life: Elaborating the Possibilities of Foucault’s Materialist Concept of Discourse”.

– Dr. James Wong (Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada) and Mr. Russell Anderson (McMaster University, Canada), “Truth and the ‘Politics of Ourselves'”.

– Dr. Barry Stocker (Istanbul Technical University, Turkey), “Foucault and the Liberty of the Ancients”.

– Professor Mario German Gil Claros (Universidad Santiago de Cali, Colombia), “Four Settings in Scene and a Unique Figure: Four Questions on a Same Melody. Author, Criticism, Illustración, Subject”.

3. The Habermas/Rawls Debate

– Mr. Andreas Vrahimis (Birkbeck, University of London, U.K.), “The Habermas-Rawls Exchange and the ‘Analytic’ – ‘Continental’ Divide”.

– Dr. James Gledhill (LSE, U.K.), “The Democratic Rechtsstaat and the Problem of Self-grounding”.

4. Foucault and Habermas

– Mr. Kevin W. Gray (Université Laval, Canada / American University of Sharjah, UAE), “Foucault as Systems Theorist: Can Foucault Point the Way to a Reworked System-Lifeworld Model?”

– Mr. Mustafa Ongun (London Metropolitan University, U.K.), “Introducing MacIntyre to the Foucault-Habermas Debate”.