Convenors: Nicholas Vrousalis and Adina Preda

Provisional Programme:

August 31st

Session 1: What is Exploitation?

Mark Reiff (University of Manchester) – Exploitation in the Liberal Capitalist State

Roberto Veneziani (Queen Mary, University of London) – What is Exploitation?

Paul Warren (Florida International University) – Liberal vs. Marxian Perspectives on Exploitation

September 1st

Session 2: Exploitation and Fairness

Alex Brown (University of East Anglia) – Marx on Exploitation: A Kantian Perspective

Wendy van der Neyt (University of Edinburgh) – Exploitation and Unfairness

Nicholas Vrousalis (Université catholique de Louvain) – Exploitation and Wrongdoing

Session 3: Who exploits?

Benjamin Ferguson (LSE): Who is Responsible for Exploitation?

Adina Preda (Université de Montréal) – Is Exploitation Voluntary?

Karl Widerquist (University of Georgetown- Qatar) – On Duty

September 2nd

Session 4: Exploitation and the Virtues

Rob Lawlor (University of Leeds) – Exploiting an Individual’s Virtue

Sara Belfrage (University of Stockholm) – Exploiting Gift Givers

Summary and Roundtable Discussion