Location Price Notes Website
Arora Hotel 18-24 Princess St, City Centre, M1 4LY £65.00 http://www.arorahotels.com/
Chancellors Mosely Road, Fallowfield, M14 6ZT £55.00 includes breakfast http://www.chancellorshotel.co.uk/hotel
City Inn One Piccadilly Place, 1 Auburn Street, M1 3DG £109.00 http://www.cityinn.com/manchester/manchester-hotels.htm
Days Hotel City Centre, Weston Building, Sackville Street, M1 3BB £65.00 http://www.dayshotelmanchester.co.uk/
Holiday Inn Express 2-4 Oxford Road, M1 5QA £80.00 http://www.hiemanchester.co.uk/
Ibis Charles Street Charles Street, Princess Street, M1 7DG £50.00 http://www.ibishotel.com/gb/home/index.shtml
Ibis Portland Street 96 Portland Street, M1 4GX £50.00 http://www.ibishotel.com/gb/home/index.shtml
MacDonald hotel London Road, M1 2PG £70.00 http://www.macdonaldhotels.co.uk/
Manchester Business School Hotel MBS west, Booth Street West, M15 6PB £50.00 includes breakfast http://www.mbs.ac.uk/aboutus/conference-hotel/hotel-services.aspx
Palace Hotel Oxford Street, M60 7HA £90.00 http://www.palace-hotel-manchester.co.uk/
Princess on Portland (soon to be renamed) 101 Portland Street, M1 6DF £90.00 http://princessonportland.co.uk/


Estimate price for single room (weekday)

Breakfast is bought separately

Prices noted in November 2010